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saw the game here!

interactive stone i hope you get back to me in the room where you need the ritual and holy water i grabbed it before i even went in there but it wont let me use it what can i do

You need one more item :)

thank you i didnt notice he said the other item so i thought i hit a bug and out of curiosity how much more of the game is there in the full version after what i just did

~5 times more 

now is this game completed or are you adding more to it if its done are you working on anything else i love your work i plan on buying this and if you keep making games like this quality im down to buy more

Count me in for a purchase if it comes to Linux.


We're working on it :)

Awesome news !


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Really Love this game, i'm going to play it through an episode at a time until I reach the end, Also I think $17 is a good price :D

Thank you